Utah Kink Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Utah, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/577

Kink behind the Zion Curtain. Utah has a great BDSM underground…let’s learn, discuss and play!

Please do not post any solicitations, hook up requests (see below if you’re confused) or solicitations for events not related specifically to the various Utah Groups. If you want to advertise your event there is a Group for that purpose…and this one is not it.

(Utah Groups…feel free to post events and details here).


Warning! “HC SVNT DRACONES” (Here There Be Dragons).
Strong views are expressed in this Group by many, many people. If you cannot handle it, please don’t subscribe.

Excessive personal attacks will result in being removed and/or banned; in rare cases you’ll get promoted.

…we may even call the Waaahmbulance.

Here are examples of things that will get you banned:

*This isn’t a “hook up” group – there are some great groups set up just for that, this isn’t one of them.

For the sake of clarity, since some of you have a difficult time with banging words together and forming comprehension

There is a Group for this! Utah Classifieds and Personals

  • More exciting options for getting banned!–
  • Leaving your personal information or the personal information of others.
  • Outing members of the Community
  • Threats, Bullying or Trolling (being just plain stupid doesn’t count)
  • Blocking Moderators or Group Leaders – we don’t tolerate drama
  • Spam. Please keep posts about items for sale related to kink
  • Minors, anything to do with anyone under the age of 18. We won’t even ask as the wrath of the Boojum will already be upon you. You will be banned and some anonymous person will probably send a warning to every other mod of every other Group in Utah.
  • There are others…if you’re curious, ask.

Other local BDSM parties in United States of America (USA)

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