The Sanctuary, Kansas Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Kansas, USA


Life has many delicious thrills we forget to allow ourselves to enjoy. Whether it be due to lack of time, social standards, or perhaps the small space of your teeny tiny apartment. Whatever the reason you need to find that time, throw standard to the winds, and discover a place that has much more to offer than a four post bed (if even that).

Indulge at the Sanctuary Kansas offers about 7000sqft of play space for every person looking to enjoy themselves. Enjoy what? You ask. Well, we offer a place for all you lovely kinky people, swinger folk and all other walks of the ‘alternative’ lifestyles.

Voyeur meets Exhibitionists. Kinky meets Curious. Desire meets Lust. There is no discrimination or judgment. Race, Sexuality, Gender, Age, Kink, Fetish, or Size is never a factor here. We welcome all to our doors!

Providing a safe, fun, free environment for people to enjoy themselves and be who they are without any sort of fear of being who you were born to be, around others who just want the same thing.

We offer a wide range of entertainment:
St. Andrew’s Cross, Suspension Arch, Rope Net, Wooden Horse and more for the kinky people. Playrooms with comfy beds, Massage Tables, Naked Hotties, Some inspirational and otherwise educational material playing on the big screen (i.e. porn) and more for the swinger folk. Pool table, Hot Tub and Stripper Pole lounge, Half-court basketball court for… well just because who wouldn’t like those?!

Parties play every Friday and Saturday and its BYOB with snacks provided! Join us there! You know you want to… Just remember to follow the house rules and enjoy yourself!


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