Pittsburgh Area Sluts, Cunts, and Whores Fetlife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/33501

“Looking for a slut” posts should go in the sticky thread

Are you one? Do you want one? This is the group for those men and women [in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas] who not only can understand and appreciate sluts, cunts, and whores, but for those who infinitely recognize themselves, their sexuality, and revel in it.

We’re interested in stories of your sluttiest escapades and fantasies (within the TOS of Fet) as well as hints and clues on how to accept your sluttiness in a slut-shaming world.


  • Play nice. If you disagree with someone’s ideas, disagree with their ideas respectfully. However, calling someone on here a slut, cunt or whore is a badge of honor, lol.
  • This group is open to sluts, cunts and whores of all orientations and gender identities. If you don’t like another person’s sexuality or style, keep it to yourself. You MAY get one warning or not, depending on my mood before you get kicked out.
  • Fetlife’s TOS are changing due to some very specific threats to the viability of the site. Anything violating those terms will be deleted, and members who post repeated violations of the TOS will be banned from the group and reported.
  • Any posts that are not specific to sluttiness may be deleted, at my whim.

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