Philadelphians MC Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @philadelphians_mc
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In April of 1974 a small group of men in Philadelphia began meeting on a regular basis to “bind together … in a brotherhood of fraternal fellowship.” By October the group had grown to 19, and these original 19 men became the Charter Members of a new back-patch leather club, the Philadelphians M.C., Incorporated.

The Constitution and By-Laws of the club were adopted on October 17, 1974, at 247 S. 17th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the home of Frank DeAngelis. A Preamble to the Constitution was written to better communicate the club’s purpose and aims:

We, the members of the Philadelphians M.C. Incorporated, do bind together in an affiliation to bring about masculine individuality, and to create an identification for members, one to another when they travel, and to be recognized by men of similar groups.

We bind together in a brotherhood of fraternal fellowship for personal gratification and to create close fellowship within our particular community, and to foster its growth and development.

We bind together to promote personal pride on the part of all members in the club for its aims and purposes, so long as the insignia of the PHILADELPHIANS M.C. INCORPORATED shall be worn.

We will proudly display the club symbol with dignity.

We will assist if possible through fraternal brotherhood, fellow members and other brothers of fraternity, in times of difficulty and trouble.



Philadelphians M.C. has the following membership categories: Charter Member, Life Brother, Regular Member, Associate, and Pledge. There are presently no Charter Members active with the club, but three remain with us, and they retain the rights of membership for life. Life Brothers are Regular Members honored by the club with lifetime membership.

Regular Members, Associates, and Pledges are membership classes common to most A.M.C.C. clubs. The club has a practice of making Honorary Associates of those individuals who are special to the club. Another standing practice is the naming of a club “Brother”. The designation of Brother is given to one individual for a year based on their contribution to the ideals of the club.

The club had women Associates prior to 1976, starting with Lee & Cheryl of Trash M.C. of New York City. But it was not until 1996 that the first woman was made a Regular Member, Jo Ann W. The club also has a history of deaf members, starting with Larry Warnow, who designed the club’s first friendship pin.

The membership of the club started with the original 19 Charter Members. The membership has been as small as eight during a period from 1981 to 1984 and as large as 35 during the early 2000s.

The first member to be named Life Brother was Chuck McAllister. Presently, the club has the following Life Brothers: Richard Ball, Edward Glaser, Jim KZ, Mike KZ, John Loesch, Bryan Poaches, Robert Richmond, John Rocco, Ricky Rogers, George Rhode, and Jeff Scheib.


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