Fetish Men San Diego Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: San Diego, CA, USA
Website: http://www.fetishmensandiego.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FetishMenSanDiego/


Fetish Men San Diego is a brotherhood of gay kinky men. We are men who are into fetish gear and kinky play who want to learn and grow more. We are a group for leather & fetish men, leathermen, and kinky guys seeking brotherhood, support, connection, and knowledge. We embrace our masculinity and the eroticism of the gear. We seek to grow as men by incorporating unconventional and innovative forms of sexual play into our lives. We want to find, hang out, and have fun with guys like us. We seek a balance between our lives on-line and in real-life settings. Here is a place where we can build true bonds of fraternity and friendship.

We respect the traditions of leather and build on its foundation all while creating our own way. Always respecting those who have come before us as we move forward in life. We are men whom value trust, integrity, respect, and honor because these qualities are vital in our lives. We believe in the value of living a disciplined life, yet knowing that life is about having a lot of fun too! We are dedicated to the continued growth and education of our brothers by providing an ongoing series of events, workshops, and socials.

FMSD is a cohesive and cooperative gay-male kink/fetish group. If you’re curious about kink, or you’re already into it, you belong here. Newcomers and curious guys are especially welcome! We have a team of brothers who trust, love, and work well with each other, as we make plans and organize events and mentor newer men in the group.

We have fun! We gather because we enjoy hanging out together and learning more about kink, play and each other. We actively seek out opportunities to incorporate fun into everything we do. Life is either a passionate adventure or nothing at all.

What We Are About

Fetish Men San Diego is a brotherhood of gay men who are kinky and into fetish gear and want to learn and grow more.


We are a community of like-minded men who truly enjoy hanging out together. We’re just as likely to grab a workout, meal, or movie as we are to hang at a bar, event, or play space. We like each other, we grow together, and we support one another. Old friends and new together will grow together as playmates, lovers, pups and handlers, Sirs, boys, daddies, slaves, and Masters.


We are attracted to masculine fetish attire and we like to wear it. We are leathermen, rubbermen, skinheads, skater punks, pups, athletes, MMA fighters, and more. We don’t, however, have a specific dress code or door policy. Street legal when required. We embrace the broadest spectrum of gear and welcome whatever attire connects with your body, mind and spirit.


We want to learn more about leather and being kinky players. We seek out hands-on learning experiences from both our brothers and other experts in our community. We know we don’t know it all and continue to increase our knowledge and experience. We strive to be a leading kinky resource for other gay men in the San Diego area.


We are men who play. Sex, sexuality, and Eros is an important part of our lives. We love to have it in and out of gear. We actively foster opportunities for men to engage in play and support the events and venues at which play occurs.


We are proud of who we are as leathermen, kinky men, and fetish players. We embrace our leather and kinky culture without shame. We celebrate each other, our brotherhood, and our diversity. We support our pride through our activities and events.

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