DCBC Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: Washington D. C., DC, USA
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://dcbearclub.org/

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Mission Statement:

The District of Columbia Bear Club (DCBC) was created to promote fellowship among bears, cubs, levi/leather and other diverse members of the District of Columbia Gay/Lesbian Community. In addition, we seek to promote better inter-club relations with local, regional, national and international bear, levi/leather communities and to encourage a positive public image in the larger global community.

On the evening of Thursday, January 5th, 1995, at the home of Jack Bell and John Delozier in NE Washington DC, an impromptu meeting started a rapid chain of events that gave birth to the only Levi/Leather Bear Club in the country. There were 10 Founding Members in attendance that night: Jack B, John D, Mike B, Chuck S, Bob N, Steve R, Jack S, Greg Z, Kevin A and Chris W. Other Founding Members who were not in attendance, but Jack B knew they were definitely in on the organization of the new club, were Brian P and Gary F.-
And So It Began…

So what does DCBC do, anyway? Bar Nights! Pool Parties! Movie Nights! Bear Brunch! Pride Day! Leather Runs! Bear Invasion! Road Trips! Dinner Nights! Holiday Parties! Camping at Hillside! Leather Sabbat!

Since that night, the members of DCBC have had more than a decade of fun times together – going on road trips, hosting Bear Invasion, going to other bear events, having game nights, hosting bar nights, watching movies, eating out, or just hanging out together having fun. Though the membership has changed, the fun remains…

So where can I find DCBC?
DCBC is a Member of these Organizations:
Members of DCBC can be found all over the Washington DC area and beyond! We’re at the Green Lantern club bar on the Second Sunday of each month, and the first Friday of each month, and we’re often at the GL or the DC Eagle on a Saturday night to play pool or hang at the club bar. We go on road trips to New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Raleigh, Richmond and Norfolk (to name a few). We go to Six Flags, King’s Dominion and Busch Gardens. We even go to the Renaissance Faire!

Brother Help Thyself
DCBC has made a sustaining commitment to BHT, a community-based foundation that funds and nurtures nonprofit organizations serving the GLBTQ and HIV/AIDS communities of Metro Baltimore / Washington. We serve on the board of directors and regularly hold and participate in fundraisers benefiting the group.

Atlantic Motorcycle Coordinating Council (AMCC)
The AMCC is a forum that fosters cooperation and brotherhood among levi / leather clubs in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Its activities include the coordination of event dates to prevent conflicts in scheduling. So if you see us out, come say Hi!

Capital Area Board
The CAB is an informal gathering of representatives of the motorcycle and levi / leather clubs in the Metro Baltimore / Washington area. Information is exchanged, calendars are coordinated and interclub events are proposed, discussed, and planned.

Other local BDSM parties in Washington DC (DC)

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