California Burningman-y, Pirate-y, Rave-y, Goth-y, Mystic-y, Geek-y, Gypsy, BSDM-y Perverts FetLife group Fetish & BDSM Club

Address: California, USA

So what do you do when who you are doesn’t fit into one box or group here on Fetlife?

For me I find myself torn between way too many sub-groups and I wish someone might form a group where I might find other souls who have as wide a breadth of interests or are open to authentic exploration in many areas and just generally geek-ing out on new experiences.

So after taking to heart this year that it’s my job to create the life, activities and tribe I want (just as it is for Your Life), I’ve decided to start a new group here that includes a ton-o-fabulous-geeky-pervy-stuff!

There’s no cute, short & pithy title to encompass what I am and how I want to play and what I want my life to encompass.  So the title kind says it all, and at the same time only hints at what we might encompass in our interests.

This group is for others who feel the same; like they fall into many sub-groups but don’t fit 100% into any of them and want to play with many of them – or ALL!  Nom-Nom!

No, you don’t have to be interested in EVERYTHING in the title.  But good chances are, if you’re jazzed by at least 3 or more things from the title or the LIST BELOW, then you might want to join us in forming a new tribe.  We’re not exclusive, private, nor do you have to give up your membership card to any other group.

Stick your toes in for a day, a week, or as long as you feel at home.  It’s all about small risks to reach out and make connections.

Please feel free to list any opportunities in California or the SW USA:  Faires, Parties, Raves, Art Shows, Festivals, Cons, Etc.

Also please feel free to use this as a place to CREATE unique events with other like-minded souls.

If you don’t create your dreams, who will?

  • Burningman, interactive art
  • Pirate Faires, Rennaisance Faires
  • Comic-Con, Sci-fi, Fantasy
  • Raving, Dancing all night
  • Burlesque Pin-ups
  • Circust Arts, Circus Freaks, Bodymod
  • Goth, Lolita, Darkwave
  • Art, Performance
  • Spirituality & Self Awareness
  • Energy Connection, Tantra, Shaman, WIcca
  • Nature, Camping, Hiking, Nights Under the Stars
  • Gypsies, Bellydancing
  • Fairy folk
  • BDSM, D/s, M/s


Yes, we’re all open minded but this group will have boundaries.  It’s a crossover group which makes the boundaries a bit fuzzy to start and that’s OK.  We’ll work this trial and error folks, cause that’s how life works and you just have to be willing to show up, put your 2 cents in and then be an adult to let it go if it’s not a fit.  It doesn’t mean anyone is wrong, it just may mean that something is a stretch to fit into this particular group, and if it doesn’t – well then, go forth and create a new one!  🙂

Be Kind & Be Open – any flaming critiques of others interests/activities will not be tolerated.  You may disagree, you may ask critical questions or make honest, if hard, observations – you may not be cruel or try to chew others up and spit them out here.  Decide: do you want to be “right” or do you want to communicate and be heard in honest, open discussion.

Be Respectful – of Everyone! I don’t care how you sexually, gender-wise, D/s or M/s wise identify, if you start to disrespect anyone in the group I will give one warning, then upon second offense, I will not ask you to leave I will simply boot you. Same goes for any activities we do as a group, if you make an ass of yourself you will be asked to leave. I reserve the right to determine on a case basis, just exactly what ‘being an ass’ means.

The goal is to feel free, feel safe and explore all these overlaps. This is NOT a group for voyuers. This IS a group for you to contribute to the creation of. It’s only what we make it.

PLEASE  LIST any opportunities and events in California or the SW USA that include:  Faires, Parties, Raves, Art Shows, Festivals, Cons, Etc that fit into these sub-genres.  This is NOT the place to list every play party at every dungeon in your town.  There are plenty of groups for that.

Also please feel free to use this as a place to CREATE UNIQUE EVENTS and OPPORTUNITIES with other like-minded souls.

Other local BDSM parties in United States of America (USA)

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